Monday, September 13, 2010

Disc Golf: Yep, it's real.

You know when people say hey have frolfed before? Guess, what- It's real. Although it's not technically called Frolfing, because that is implying that Frisbee and Golf can be morphed together, when Frisbee is a trade mark name- that's why, it's more known for the name Disc Golf.

I started playing this game around 3 or 4 months ago, and it has blossomed into a fun outing. The rules are simple- Do you know how to play golf? BAM, you can play disc golf. You have a Driver, a Mid-range, and a putter, and you start with a drive- you can run or stand still. Each hole has pars, and sometimes, depending on the distance, you have multiple drives. You want to get the disc to the hole/basket in as few throws as possible, much like golf. a traditional basket looks like this.

You can make a make-shift course but designating trees to hit- or just go to the nearest disc golf course. here is a link to the PDGA website (Pro Disc Golf Association) yep there really is one- to find a disc course near you. if you want to give it a shot that is.

Can't wait for the weather to drop some more, it will make the out doors a lot more fun! drop a line if you want to play!

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